My Lake House: Before & After

  I moved to a little rental house in the summer of 2019 which was walking distance from two of my favorite lakes in Minneapolis. It was a 1170 sq ft duplex that needed a lot of elbow grease and came with a litany of small annoyances, so to reframe the challenge I dubbed it […]

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My $27 Wedding Dress

My elopement was really the first of three planned weddings. The second is in Maharashtra, India, in traditional Hindu style with my husband’s family. The third is in our home in Minneapolis, with close friends and family and a ceremony incorporating my parents and children, who are not able to go to India, and traditions […]

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My Best Advice for Navigating Divorce

  Thoughtful people, including my friends, colleagues and acquaintances, and even customer service representatives, offered heartfelt condolences when I informed them of my divorce. I felt awkward, because by then I had already shifted into renewal and optimism. Getting divorced was the final step in a deliberation and uncoupling that had gone on for years. […]

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How to Make a Peace Table at Home

I made a Montessori Peace Table for my home, and I am happy to report that it has worked to decrease conflict and increase peace. A peace table (or peace corner) is a space dedicated to grounding thoughts and feelings, practicing meditation or silence, and resolving a conflict.

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Moving House: the Emotional Weight

I am well-practiced in the rituals of moving house. I tend to belabor the process with emotional exertion. As every item in my home is sorted, the evidence of failures form into piles. A deluge of procrastinated tasks is released from drawers and closets. Just as each of my four moves in the last five […]

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