Modern Baby Blessing Outfits


Did you have a Christening, blessing, or naming ceremony for your baby? My babies were both blessed by my husband in a naming ceremony. Alexandra wore the gown my maternal grandmother sewed for me and my sister, a new cap my grandmother knit for her, patent shoes, tights, and a bracelet my sister made for her.

In Finnish tradition, it would have been appropriate for Gabe to wear the same outfit, but his dad insisted he wear something more typically masculine. In a postpartum fog, I scoured the internet for summery white suits or outfits, but I felt frustrated by long shipping times and high prices for the few I liked. Out of the blue, my cousin Carrie sent me a “just because” package, which included a white vintage outfit that fit Gabe and the baby blessing event perfectly. It felt like a tiny miracle. He wore it with Alexandra’s cap and little booties knitted just for him.

Recently, a friend asked on Facebook for blessing gown suggestions, and the responses she got looked so fresh and lovely, I thought I’d round up my favorite affordable, modern blessing/Christening outfits available online (USA):


Eyelets are timeless, and a sweet pink shoe brings it on-trend. | The Gap Eyelet Flutter Dress, Scalloped Ballet Flat



A simple knit is so inviting, and fun to accessorize. | Old Navy Sweater-Knit Dress, Bloomers and Ballet Slippers



There’s nothing softer than Kickee Pants, and this minimal dress and shoes keeps the focus on your baby’s sweet face. | Kickee Pants Swing Dress, Elephantito Baby Ballerina with Bow



Tiny man will induce cuteness overload in suspenders and a bow tie. | The Gap Oxford Bodysuit, Linen Pull-on Pants, CandyBabyCollection Suspenders and Bow Tie, Walk-Master Oxford Boots



This lacey knitting has a vintage vibe, but it would be appropriate and beautiful in any era. | Marumakids 4 Piece Set





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