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One of the hardest parts of styling a home is gaining clarity about the stuff you like, and stuff that represents you. I feel like after years of trying to put my house together, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what my style is, but I’m still a quiz junkie.


Images sources left to right : Dwellingdecor | HGTV | Casa Tres Chic  | ImmyandIndi

According to my favorite design style quizzes, my style is Coastal / California-Eclectic / Happy-Modern / Minimalist-Scandinavian. None of these quizzes require an email sign-up to play or to get your result.


What’s Your Decorating Style? Quiz on Houzz

There are 9 questions with several answers to choose from. The images are just for eye candy. It’s fun to take, but with so many options it’s a bit longer.


What’s Your Decor Style? Quiz on My Domaine

This asks 7 questions with images, about preferences for a variety of topics, like your breakfast and an accent chair. There are 4 options for each question, and it’s easy to distinguish your personal favorite. It was entertaining, but also surprisingly insightful and accurate, in my experience.


Ultimate Find-Your-Style Quiz on Apartment Therapy

This has you choose between 4 images of interiors, 7 times. I have a hard time not analyzing them; it’s best to follow first instinct. You track how many A/B/C/D you choose to determine your dominant style type. I chose 2 As, 2 Bs, 2 Cs and 1D! So, it wasn’t accurate for me. Why did I include it among the best? The images groupings are fair so that you don’t lean away from what would’ve been your pick because it was too extreme or a worse photograph. Also, it’s quick! And maybe most importantly, the categories of (spoiler alert!) Happy Modern, Warm Industrial, Eclectic Collector and Classic Glam are succinct and relatable.


Emily Henderson’s book, Styled, includes a quiz of multiple choice questions to determine which of 12 styles is your dominant, and descriptions of each style. I highly recommend the book if you don’t have it, but in the meantime her blog has some of the style descriptions.


I’m Scandinavian, which “celebrates minimalist decor and functional furnishings with a lot of whites, hits of black, wood tones and a few pops of color to keep things  happy and a touch quirky.” Yep. Styled takes it a step further with a Style Wheel graphic, so you can play with contrasting your style for balance. Mine would be Scandinavian + Seventies (below).


Minimalist + Bohemian is having a moment now, but other fun combinations are Rustic + Industrial, or Zen + Modern Glam.

But back to the online quizzes–tell me about your results!


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