Before & After: Kids’ Art Station


My family moved into our current house in January 2016, and the first thing I did was set up a kids’ art and homework area in what was formerly a breakfast room. It’s really a mud room from the back entrance, adjacent to the kitchen, with a door to the living room. The ceiling is vaulted and there is a bay window. Although this rental house is not furnished, the patio-style furniture in the Before shot came with the house, and the realtor kindly hauled it to the basement for us.


We didn’t choose and can’t change the paint, flooring, or light fixtures in this space, but it feels like home. Since we use the back entrance most often (coming from the detached garage), this is the first thing we see when we come home.


The kids sit on the rug to draw or write on the chalkboard. They draw, paint, cut paper, do activity books, and write at the tables. The cart holds the craft and art supplies. The materials they have not demonstrated responsibility for without close supervision, like Play-do and markers, are kept in a basket out of reach.


I change the gallery wall every few months. Most of it is work from school, like paintings, math art, addition tables, and a sewing card. I also put their home art, notes from Alexandra, photos, and their seasonal crafts on the wall. Almost all of it is put up with washi tape to make it easy to change around, but I think I’ll add some frames of pieces that I want to keep on display long-term.


Succulents are basically the only type of plant I can keep alive, so most of them are in this window “garden”. I like to think the plants help to clean our energy coming home, and to inspire the kids’ creativity.

The tables, utility cart, and colorful chair are all old IKEA pieces.

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