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The Thing All Women Do You Don’t Know About

Both internally and externally, we minimize it. We have to. To not shrug it off would put is in confrontation mode more often than most of us feel like dealing with. We learn at a young age how to do this. We didn’t put a name or label to it. We didn’t even consider that other girls were doing the same thing. But we were teaching ourselves, mastering the art of de-escalation.

Want to Raise a Trailblazing Daughter? The Notorious RBG Says Do These 7 Things

No matter what you hope for your child, or what she hopes for herself, there’s no better thing you can impart than a love of reading. It’s truly a passport to explore the world, barely discriminates between rich and poor, and can expand and train her mind.


We don’t have 2 ‘historically unpopular’ candidates: what the media gets wrong about candidate popularity

If he can’t raise his ceiling, he has to lower Clinton’s floor. And the “two historically unpopular candidates” meme helps him do that, by creating a media-friendly false equivalency.


 Trump is Triggering Domestic Abuse Survivors With Textbook Abusive Behavior

Donald Trump and his bombastic, truth-free persona is still baffling to many. But for one select group of people ― survivors of domestic violence ― Trump is immediately and intimately recognizable. He reminds them of the men who ruined their lives.


Nine Steps for Avoiding Racist Halloween Costumes

It’s okay to dress as a character who is another race. It’s not okay to dress up specifically as another race. For example: Tiger Woods, Barack Obama, Beyonce, Doc McStuffins: okay. Geisha girl, “Indian”, an African warrior, a Mexican, “ghetto thug”: problematic.


Mini Witch Hat Tutorial


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