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This play kitchen is one of those things that is for my kids, but really it’s for me. All three of us (me and my six-year-old and my three-year-old) had the same reaction when we saw it: gasp!…stare in admiration…pretend to stock it with delicious food. I had some extra steps where I didn’t buy it for a long time, then got it as a floor model super discounted, hauled it home and cried with joy that I got exactly what I wanted for a good deal AND I didn’t have to assemble it or meet a Craigslist stranger 40 minutes away!

Pottery Barn Kids Chelsea All-in-One Kitchen | painting by my mummi (grandmother) based on a postcard | Marimekko Oiva teapot | Muumi tray | crochet pot holder made by friend | IKEA play food | The Land of Nod Over the River and Through the Rug | woven basket from Target | faux tulips from Ampersand (Alexandra got them for Valentine’s Day from her [boy]friend.)

I rounded up more swoon-worthy play kitchens for you to admire, purchase, style or create.

Hello Baby Brown | Dreamy! She added the floral “backsplash” by mod-podging wrapping paper.

Mint in the Middle | That kitchen is handmade, for $68! Did you spot the Muumi (Moomin) tray?

A Small Tribe | Waldorf play kitchens are styled with natural magic.

play-kitchen-6.jpgHappy Grey Lucky | IKEA kitchen hacks (like this one) are easy to find, but I love how this one stays true to the Scandinavian modern vibe, just warmed up a bit. Did you know the IKEA kitchen’s burners light up red?

The last two are via the Boo and the Boy‘s awesome round-up of play kitchens from a few years ago. (I can’t find links that go their specific posts.)

un courant d’air dans la maison | What a fun modern shape! I wish I knew the brand. And is that a pepper grinder toy?

play-kitchen-5.jpgKotipalapeli | A Finnish blog–she has a modern, warm and playful home.

Do you have toys that are really for you? I prefer my play kitchen to my real kitchen, though my kids make a mess in both.


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