Dear Hiring Manager:

Background Summary:

I have 3 years of experience in marketing copywriting, as well as editorial writing and editing, sales, and office administration experience. I earned a BA in English Literature.

As an e-commerce copywriter and marketing specialist, I created original content for 5 online interior design retailers. I wrote product descriptions, landing pages, brand stories, bios and more. I increased engagement by contributing to social media channels, including blog and email campaigns. I revised and updated digital content for SEO and improved conversion and UX. I used Adobe Photoshop for image editing.


Key Strengths:

Research, analysis, adaptive priority management, and problem-solving are my key strengths for producing engaging content efficiently and effectively. I love opportunities to educate, connect with people, and foster community through writing. I oscillate between my eye for detail (I’m grammar nerd and compulsive proofreader!) and the big-picture. In big-picture mode, I continually find answers to the timeless six W-questions we learned in 4th grade: Who are we reaching? What is our priority goal? For when should this project deadline be set, and do we need to re-rank any priorities? Where can we make more/better connections? Why is this effective, or not? How can we make it (the process, the content, the analysis, the product, the relationship) better?


My Work Style:

I am adaptable! I thrive most in an environment with a balance of independent and collaborative work. I can put in headphones and be deeply immersed in editing and writing words and images. AND I can lead a training meeting or presentation between departments, relating to all kinds of personalities and backgrounds. I have been fortunate to work with diverse colleagues and clients, and I am a helpful communications liaison.