More About Me

When I’m not at work…

I volunteer!

I am the Communications Liaison for Minnesotan Suomi-koulu (Finnish School of Minnesota). I send MailChimp emails to students (or their parents) about upcoming school days, special events and resources. I update Facebook and recently started an Instagram for Suomi-koulu. I have served on the volunteer board for 3 years, and was an infant and preschool teacher for 2 years. I take pride in growing and connecting with this important non-profit of the Finnish-American community.

I am a Reading Partners tutor. I am trained to foster improved literacy skills for one-on-one tutoring of an elementary student. I am passionate about the mission to close the education equity gap and build confidence in reading and learning for historically under-served youth.

I offer events support for The Loft Literary Center. I love going to The Loft and soaking up those emerging writer and artist vibes! It’s important to me that they amplify voices of marginalized, undiscovered, or non-canonized creators.

I read! And listen to podcasts!

Reading and listening to engaging content is my favorite way to tickle my curiosity and add constructive pleasure to my life. I read mostly fiction novels, funny memoirs, short story collections, and self-help books. I listen to a variety of podcasts, from law of attraction to home design to business. If an analysis or observation is memorable, applicable to improving my life and funny, it has hit my sweet spot! My favorite happiness guru is Gretchen Rubin.

I reflect!

I love categories. And lists. And quizzes. And patterns. These all converge in my never-ending quest for self-improvement. I enjoy reading tarot, dabbling in numerology and astrology, and reflecting on theories for self-knowledge. I’m an Energy Type 4/2-Social Introvert-Blue-INFJ-Otter-Questioner-Abstainer-Earthy-Taurus-Ox who loves Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service, if ya know what I mean. No? I’ll tell you all about it over coffee.

I practice yoga!

Yoga, particularly Vinyasa flow, helps me connect to the energy of the universe and practice meditation and feel grounded in the moment.

I explore and travel!

I love visiting art, history, and science museums, eating food from around the world, and shopping for home goods. My ideal weekend would include a play or comedy show and a park hike. I’m lucky to live in the Twin Cities, where in one day I can hike the woods, pick up a library book and read it by the lake, eat at a quirky restaurant, visit the sloth at the botanical garden, see an amazing show, and then unwind at home with locally crafted candles. But getting out of town is fun, too! My travel-lust is insatiable.

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